Whistleblowing or Confidential Reporting Service


This is an independent service designed to help organisations encourage

and collect employee feedback, especially when dealing with “whistleblowing” or corporate governance issues. By using this service, your employees can report misconduct or malpractice activities including (but not limited to):


● Improper accounting or accounting controls
● Fraud and other criminal acts
● Failing to keep to legal responsibilities
● Actions putting the health & safety of staff, contractors, suppliers, the public at risk
● Anti-competitive behaviour
● Discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace
● Actions which cause damage to the environment
● Behaviour which is likely to damage our reputation
● Actions which are intended to hide any of the above

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This process offers a means of providing a confidential route in to senior management or the audit committee that is:


● Convenient

● Independent

● Cost effective

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"I am most impressed with the service offered and the quotation, which was very reasonable. Thank you for your help, it certainly made my job much easier. Everything went well with the launch – thank you for your excellent service." Legal Services Commission


HR Professionals simply cannot afford the time required to deal with the delicate issues of whistleblowing without compromising their core activities. To discuss how Manage Health can help you and your organisation with issues related to whistleblowing, call us on 0845 2222 208 now or fill in the contact form for more information.

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