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What is Mediation?


Mediation is a voluntary process in which two or more parties involved in a dispute work with an impartial party, the mediator, to generate their own solutions in settling their conflict.


With mediation there are no winners or losers: it is about finding a solution that works for both parties.


By helping individuals to identify their needs and clarify issues, mediators will not advise those in dispute but help all parties involved identify the conflict and reach a mutually desired outcome through effective communication.

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"One of the most positive pieces of professional development I’ve ever encountered. I really found it helpful."

"A powerful process – it’s quite uncomfortable at times. It takes you out of your comfort zone; if it didn’t it wouldn’t do you any good."

Company Client participants after undertaking mediation services


"Understanding the psychology of conflict has really helped us be more positive going forward."

"I feel much more confident about managing conflict in my team."

Managers after undergoing mediation training


If you want to know more about mediation and how it works, or would like to arrange mediation, please call us on 0845 2222 208 or or fill in the contact form for more information.

Here are just a few of the Benefits of using our Mediation services:


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