Absence Management


Absence management refers to sickness-related or unauthorised absence

from work. Fewer than half of employers monitor the cost of absence and only half have set a target for reducing absence.


Sickness Absence alone costs companies across the UK over £19.9bn a year and employers £666 per employee per year in direct costs for every worker employed, with indirect costs likely to be considerably more.*


Employee absence has a very visible impact on an organisation's bottom line and, increasingly, efforts to resolve the issue centre on the positive contribution that can be made by HR, line managers and health specialists working more closely together.


Effective communications means clear expectations and requirements of your workforce. Training for line managers helps ensure that employees are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.

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As independent advisors, Manage Health can help find you bespoke absence management solutions most appropriate to your organisation. They will help you understand the true cost and cause of absence, identify patterns and ultimately reduce short and long-term sickness absence.


The benefits to your organisation of managing absence can include:


● Lowering the rate of absence and its related direct and indirect costs
● Reducing potential litigation risks
● Consistent and clear policy and procedure companywide
● More effective targeting of preventative interventions
● Potential for reducing your Employer’s Liability premiums
● Increased productivity and profitability
● Decreased absence payments and temporary staff costs


Manage Health will work with you to look at a number of proactive health initiatives, which will help you to build staff morale and increase productivity.


"Our organisation is a supported housing provider supporting 1,200 clients with a wide variety of needs. Given the nature of the work our staff does, we required more information to help us to understand how better we could provide services responsive to their needs, and manage our employee wellbeing. Managehealth were able to do this. We have worked with them for the last 4 years, and would have no hesitation in recommending them." Surrey Community Development Trust


Assessing potentially complex Absence Management solutions demands time that many HR Professionals simply do not have.


To discuss how Manage Health can help you and your organisation with absence management, call us on 0845 2222 208 now or fill in the contact form for more information.


*Source: CBI 2008 statistics

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