Health Audit


What is a Health Audit?


The health audits Manage Health offer have been designed to provide a full independent examination of your organisation's systems for health management purposes.


In particular, they help organisations like yours to identify how you could better target your investment spend on employees’ health and wellbeing initiatives.


By using our audit service, your organisation will not only be able to identify areas of high risk within its operation but also reduce potential losses. A health audit will provide you with an indication of the risks that your employees face in the workplace.

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As an independent and unbiased organisation, Manage Health will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail, to help you find out the best supplier of auditing services, together with how much it is likely to cost you. Call Manage Health on 0845 2222 208 or fill in the contact form for more information.



Stress Audit


What is a Stress Audit/Risk Assessment?


According to HSE commissioned research, major causes of work-related stress can be categorised into six key areas or 'risk factors' - the rationale being that if these are not managed effectively in an organisation then staff are at risk of suffering from work-related stress.  The six risk factors are:


● Demands

● Control

● Support

● Relationships

● Role

● Change


Each of these factors is usually measured via a questionnaire. These factors can affect your staff in different ways - finding out how the factors are affecting them requires openness, honesty, and trust.


Manage Health can help provide:


● Implementation of a Stress Risk Questionnaire programme

● Identification of key risk factors in a simple, objective and non-threatening way

● A Group Report with a permanent record of risk assessment, together with steps you have taken to address the issues



"The Council conducted a stress audit during 2007/8, with the results being presented by our appointed Consultant to the Council’s Management Team. As a result of the professionalism and knowledge shown during this feedback stage, we were keen to ensure our Consultant carried out the focus groups suggested as a part of the audit process.


When it came to organising these focus groups our Consultant was always available and open to any questions we had around the approach that we should be taking. He was well received by all those attending the groups and we were delighted with the results.


The Consultant was most conscious of running the focus groups in line with Council policy, and we intend to carry on using their services for the foreseeable future." A UK District Council


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