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Michael Jelley from Manage Health offers an insight into a day as a Specialist EAP Consultant.


8.30am – The morning starts following up a meeting I had yesterday. Manage Health was asked to assist a government organisation with a tender for their EAP service. The stakeholders explained their particular requirements, and this morning I am pulling together a draft specification for them. I’ve seen hundreds of different specifications, and it’s great to be involved in this to make sure the programme they buy delivers what they expect from it.


10.30am – Next this morning, I am conducting a market review for a client. With so much change in the UK market over the last 12 months, this small business wants to make sure they commission an EAP with a good ‘fit’. Each provider has its own strengths, but the differences are not always obvious. The review gives the details of a provider’s service along with a sense of their ‘character’ so that when it comes to setting up the service, there is a mutual understanding of expectations and goals.

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11.45am – We have a telephone conference scheduled with a new customer. They are going live next month, and the Manage Health team will be advising on their launch strategy, promotion, and integrating the EAP into their day-to-day practice, including liaison with HR and Occupational Health.


12.30pm – Lunch meeting with one of the EAP providers. It’s always good to meet with providers, keep up to date with what they’re working on, and hear about trends in the way people use the service. Today, they’re outlining their new services that work on employees’ broader wellbeing, something that EAPs are increasingly required to assist with. Lunch is good, and the concept really interesting; I look forward to seeing how it develops.


2.00pm – The afternoon continues with a visit one of my favourite clients. They’ve had an EAP in place for 2 years now, and we’re presenting our report and discussing other strategies for making the most of their programme. As a charity, they have to make sure they get real value for money, but without compromising on service standards. We’ve helped them promote their programme to a really diverse workforce and so far it’s been a great success.


4.15pm - Back to the office. After replying to a couple of emails, I write an article for our clients on a current topic. This month, we’re looking at childcare in the summer holidays and the support an EAP can offer people. I’ve had some useful input from a couple of providers, so hopefully our clients will find it interesting too.


Since joining Manage Health, no two days have been the same for me. Each organisation has its own priorities, requirements and values; it’s my responsibility to make sure this uniqueness is matched by the programme we put in place for them. I like to think we do a pretty good job.




Based just North of Oxford in the centre of England, Manage Health have a client base covering the whole of the UK including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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